Overhaul & Air Conditioning


Here we do an overall check on the vehicle, and it is a process where we restore and maintain cars to a serviceable condition. This process can be time consuming, labour intensive and requires highly skilled labour. And this can be done when a vehicle comes to a complete halt due to mechanical problems.

Over hauling involves the following:

  • Partial or complete disassembly
  • Inspection to detect damages, defective or worn out parts.
  • Repairs or replacement of such parts.
  • Reassembling, testing, and trial run prior to returning the item to its full operative level.

Air Conditioning

The beauty of a ride in your car is not complete without an efficient cooling system. We check the operation of the air conditioning system of your car. We evaluate the compressor and other components. From simply flushing and refilling the gas of your car’s air conditioner system to a complete repair, we offer you quality and valuable services.