Preventive Maintenance

This is one of the most important aspects of vehicle maintenance. Most car users and their maintenance shops got it all wrong that a car comes to the repair shop only when it breaks down. This is wrong and at D.T Autocafe we offer vehicle breakdown preventive maintenance service. You don’t need to wait for your car to fall apart or suffer a vehicle breakdown on the road before heading to the repair garage. When a vehicle breakdown at the wrong place it could prove risky to lives and properties.

This service covers mechanical checks like fuel pump pressure, fuel tank and injection cleaning, suspension checks, tyre pressure checks; some electrical checks like battery crank power, we also check the body frames for wears and rusts.


Manufacturer Recommended Service

The manufacturer of your car knows and has a schedule for the replacement of several parts of your car. There are specified kilometre usage for certain parts as contained in your car service manual. We create a data base in line with your car service manual and notify you accordingly.